7.8 mi to summit

16.4 mi total


9,222 ft start

12,986 ft max


5,122 ft gain


6 hr 23 min to summit

12 hr 48 min total

I parked by the snowmobile shop in Garfield and hiked the road up to the Boss Lake trail (Colorado Trail). The weather was perfect until I reached the divide where clouds from the west were racing over the ridges and moistening the rock. I summited Bald and walked over to Clover and Vulcan, going in & out of fog the entire way. I decided not to proceed up Monumental Peak as the rock was wet on the left and I wasn't prepared for a steep snow climb on the right. I returned the way I came, taking several long breaks to take in the views!

Route name

Snowmobile Shop - Garfield


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Key gear

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