Gyeongsangnam-do peaks

519 peaks

Highest peak

Jirisan (Cheonwangbong)

6,302 ft / 1,920 m

Most summited peak

Jirisan (Cheonwangbong)

5 summits

Most prominent peak

Jirisan (Cheonwangbong)

5,561 ft / 1,695 m prom

Gyeongsangnam-do summits

8 summits

First Ascent Awards

4 of 519 peaks 0%

Top climbing months

July 25%

February 12%

April 12%

Top ranges

Sobaek Mountains

Gyeongsangnam-do mountains highlights

"Doing solo hike while on my 1st trip to Seoul. My ladies fren went for shopping at Myeondong...while im off to explore the Dobongsan Park...this is my 1st Peak hike from the total 3 Peak." - Obong-san, fungushor, Jul 15, 2011
"We (8th Army Band) were on a one week tour out of Pusan. A group of us got up early and made our way to Paektu-san where we pretty much bushwhacked our way to the top. We took the road back down, found a good kalbi restaurant and enjoyed a great meal before heading back to watch the Twinkies destroy the Cardinals in game 1 of the World Series." - Paektu-san, RnrMan, Oct 17, 1987

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