I headed over here from Rooster Comb, breaking trail all day. Trip report starts at the junction.

The trail this way was relatively flat, and before I knew it I only had .5 to go.. straight up. Again, crawling through deep ass powder snow with ice covered rock underneath it. When I finally hit summit, my breath was completely taken away by the beauty of the view. I hung out, drank a beer to celebrate #200, just 3 days short of my 6 year hiking anniversary, and butt-slid most of the way back down.

Rather than making the loop as I intended, I decided to eat the mileage, & backtrack my trail as I was starting to suffer leg cramps. Felt nice to finally just tune out and slog along the track and not think about where I was going.

This was a long day, trail breaking is tough when you’re solo out there, but I’m incredibly proud of myself and overall it was a fantastic, challenging day.


1.1 mi to summit


no info yet


326 ft gain


1 hr 0 min to summit

Route to summit

Unknown route


no info yet

Key gear

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Congrats on #200! Quite the challenge on those two fun peaks. Running into Mudhook and Margaret was a nice bonus surprise.


A great effort, thanks for sharing