Birthday summit #2 of 2 (hiked Black Bear Mountain before this.) Started out around 0830 after a grueling drive up Route 28- wicked pot holes!

Parking is limited in winter, so I was really hoping no other ambitious weekday hikers were out, and I was in luck to be the only car in the ~3 car width plowed parking spot when I arrived. ~19° and very sunny. Barely any wind.

I crossed the snowmobile trail & signed into the register - one of those that is very disorganized, people starting it front & back, some pages with only two people signed on it... this isn’t that hard! Haha.

After hiking Black Bear Mountain, I scooted over to this trail, and as with the first one, it was bare booted and post holed BADLY, worse than the first climb. Annoying.

Trail was easy to follow, the snow was a bit greasy at this point in the day, but not too bad. This hike reminded me of Baker in Saranac Lake- short and sweet, uphill but not difficult by any means. 19 minutes to summit, 13 to return! I’m glad I knocked it out today rather than having to come back to it. I had a nice clear view, and the summit to myself again- sat and enjoyed it for a bit, and returned the way I came.

A nice easy birthday hike day.


0.5 mi to summit

1.0 mi total


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486 ft gain


19 min to summit

32 min total

Route name

Main trail


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Key gear

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