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Not in the mood for a very long hike, but in the mood for some scrambling and cross-country, I opted for a shorter hike from Walker Pass. I saw two peaks on the ridge right over Walker Pass, Peak 6366 and Peak 6529, both listed on the maps. I didn't even know the peak listed as Peak 6529 was even named as Proposal Peak until I came here to log it! So what I did is climb the PCT from Walker Pass up and around the base of 6366, gradually ascending and then hit some switchbacks zig-zagging up the east slope underneath the ridge between 6366 and Proposal Peak. After the last switchback, I continued for about 1/5 mile, and then I started climbing westbound up the steep, loose slope cross-country aiming for a notch on the ridge closer to Proposal Peak. At the ridge, I then headed north-northwest up the bouldery, class 2 slope and made it to Proposal Peak (Peak 6529 on my video). The summit register was impossible to open as it was rusted shut!! LOL. Then, I scrambled back down to the ridge and headed south, again cross-country along the ridge, and then went over a false peak about 6,280'+, down a small dip, and then up the easier (less class-2!!) slope to Peak 6366 at the south end of the ridge directly above Walker Pass! Both peaks offered great scenic views of the far southern Sierra and the Scodie Mountains across Hwy 178! I retuned the same way I came up. A very fun, short hike to get my first Sierra Nevada Peaks of 2022, and since Morris Peak in 2019 before the pandemic stifled my travel plans!! The hike was roughly 4 miles round-trip with about 1,450' gain. This area is an excellent area to study the local native herps (reptiles/amphibians- especially lizards!!)- as I saw many Western Side-Blotched Lizards (Uta stansburyana elegans) (check my photos below) and my first ever sight of a Blunt-Nosed Leopard Lizard (Gambelia sila) (check the third YouTube video link below) I was not sure of the ID at the time, but went and researched it and put the name on the name of the video when I uploaded it. The last time I was here in Apr 2019 (hiking Morris Peak), it was chilly, cloudy, and foggy, so no lizards were out!! This day, it was mild with some sun, so it was lizards galore!!

Route to summit

PCT from Walker Pass to just past last switchback- west x-c up slope to ridgeline- north-northwest to Proposal Peak- south on ridge to 6366- return same way



Key gear

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