While spending many trips up Angeles Crest Highway over the years, I did not know this trail was here. Perhaps because Mountain High Ski Resort is across the road, my attention was probably toward the slopes most of the time. Nobody else was parked in the dirt lot, which left the trail to my use alone on this visit. The trail gradually climbs a forested slope to some big trees in the forest. After a mile, the pathway crosses a service road. I continued hiking on the dirt trail before it eventually ended at the paved road a little bit later. From there, I followed the road to the summit. Although the pavement takes away a bit of the wild feel, the mountain is still rather secluded and peaceful. This was an enjoyable hike and a great place to visit.

Feet | Meters
Natural Atlas (US)

5.4 mi total


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950 ft gain


2 hr 14 min total

Route name

Mount Peltier 5.4 mi route


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