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"With my travel buddy and her brother + with 2 guides.. raining while assaulting the summit.. stayed overnight and it's very cold and were a bit under dressed haha, overall an unforgettable climbing experiance.. Mt. NAPULAK, Igbaras June 2015 / Sony Action Cam Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTmPl2vrTgU " - yanengskie, Jun 27, 2015
"“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.” ...for what seemed like an unending 1200 masl dayhike...6 hours ascent and 4 hours back nonstop!...with several hills,talahiban, kasiutan, dugihan, talamnan, tae baka, saka-naog that we had to go through from jumpoff to the bato-nga-may-cross summit..baw daw pila man ka misteryo sang kasakit sa rosaryo antes magpalansang sa krus sa summit..but eventually nalab-ot gd mn namon ang misteryo sang kalipay, kapawa kag himaya!!! haha" - Budi, Dec 27, 2014


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