10.8 mi to summit

18.7 mi total


2,070 ft start

5,336 ft max


4,274 ft gain


22 hr 57 min to summit

12 hr 10 min total

This was a beautiful weekend with perfect weather to combine camping and hiking with my wife Brigitte Doyon.
We arrived late Saturday at the South Meadows trail-head. We then headed pass the Marcy Dam and settled our tent. On that Saturday we took the rest of the day to go to Indian Falls lookout.
On Sunday morning, we started our hike around 7h30am to head to Mt Marcy. It was so beautiful, the view at the top is amazing.
The vegetation as we get near to the top reminded me of a hike we had done in the Parc de la Gaspesie for a mountain called "Mt Jacques Cartier".
I have to admit that I found this hike less difficult then our previous Rocky Peak ridge.

Route name

Mount Marcy 18.7 mi route


no info yet

Key gear

trekking poles