7,887 ft / 2,404 m


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September  50%

November   50%

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Kanawanan, Oroquieta City

"What was the most striking thing that happened to you at this climb? Maria asked as we were waiting for our ride to Misamis Occidental Capitol, the last stop of Malindang’s 2nd Pasungko Climb last weekend November 6-8, 2015. Everyone weren’t able to answer but the ones who did summed it all. Leeches and slides stood out. No longer a leech virgin. The husband’s comment as we were telling our companions our leech story. Because we were very far apart in the trail, we had to update them of the exciting things that befell us. Since day 1, we already hear stories about leeches. I cringed e" - kringjuly, Nov 7, 2015
"This climb is hosted by M-TREX and the municipality of Aloran on September 14-16, 2007. They visit Verzache Falls (named from Verzache Group), Lumunsan Falls, and the Binantayawan Peak, the highest peak in Aloran." - JahBlezz, Sep 14, 2007



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