Doug and Cathie Barrows invited me on a "covid friendly" backpack trip to summit Matterhorn Peak. We took the horse creek trail (our of Upper Twin Lake) up on Mon. 13th, 2020 with an overnight after 4 hours of hiking, and then made it through the highest pass on the 14th to camp just within the Yosemite border on an enchanting alpine lake with a small ice floe on it's edge. The camp site felt like it was straight out of the shire with mossy spongy islands and streams leading to the lake. After getting to the camp sight and eyeing what was supposed to be another pass for a circle backpacking route, we decided we'd return the way we came in. The other pass looked a little too intense for us carrying packs. We submitted on the 15th (thank goodness I had packed gloves as lots of scrambling), returned to camp just in time for a quick dip in the lake and then we sheltered in our tents while the rain and hail came down. On the 16th, Kim, wanting one less night in the tent, hiked halfway out with Cathie and Doug and then hightailed it to the car (dodging rain drops) as Cathie and Doug camped another night.