Kanagawa peaks

87 peaks

Highest peak


5,489 ft / 1,673 m

Most summited peak


13 summits

Most prominent peak

no info yet

Kanagawa summits

61 summits

First Ascent Awards

22 of 87 peaks 25%

Top climbing months

May 18%

October 16%

March 13%

Kanagawa mountains highlights

"Smooth but hard climbing through Oyama Cable Car (man trail). 45 minutes till Ofuri shrine and 90 minutes to summit. 1 hour to descend to Ofuri shrine and 30 minutes to Oyama Cable Car Bus terminal. " - Oyama, lucagalileo, Jan 17, 2016
"Caught the Odakyu line train from Shinjuku to Shibasawa. 15 in bus trip to Okura. The first summit to ascend is Tounodake. 3 hrs and 7kms of steep climbing. Some views of Fuji along the way. Next summit is Tanzawa 2.5kms further along a ridge. Followed by 3.5kms to Hirunotake the highest peak in Tanzawa range. Plenty of views of Fuji, Izu peninsula and towards Tokyo. " - Tanzawa-san, tmpearce6, Aug 10, 2015
"From Tanzawa to Hirugatake, the 3.5km track is narrower than track to Tanzawa and less frequently used. Beautiful scenery of Fuji on a clear day. Can get quite windy and is cool even in the mid summer." - Hiruga-take, tmpearce6, Aug 10, 2015

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