Jawa Timur peaks

1,145 peaks

Highest peak

Gunung Semeru

12,060 ft / 3,675 m

Most summited peak

Gunung Lawu

22 summits

Most prominent peak

Gunung Semeru

12,060 ft / 3,675 m prom

Jawa Timur summits

118 summits

First Ascent Awards

22 of 1,145 peaks 1%

Top climbing months

December 22%

August 18%

June 9%

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Jawa Timur mountains highlights

"The most extreeme hiking i've ever done. Thousand of earthworms. Some of them are dead and smell very fishy. Met with Kopaska (Indonesian's navy special force) who are training there. Awakened in the early morning with the blast of geranate. Boom! Peak to Bremi : Rain storm, slippery track, muddy, flood, and kissed by leeches. 5 days 4 nights full of challenges (and experiences)." - Gunung Argopuro, sigitaji, Dec 26, 2017
"We trying to find old trail for this mountain. we start hike at Pos pendakian Puthuk Siwur, because we want to know and find old route (gantasan in Javanese) but from gantasan puthuk siwur we can't find the route, so we using compass and trying to reach puthuk unduk before gunung Seloungkat. And we success to reach Gunung Seloungkat" - Gunung Seloungkal, xwalarea, May 12, 2017
"First day, started at 5.30 PM from Buper Tahura Pacet, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia. than move to Sanggar. Sanggar is the water tank, so you don't worry about water. Than we arrive to pengilen (the last water resource) 06.00 PM. from pengilen-ungup-ungup-puthuk pulosari-banggul adem, hard track no water source. At banggul adem 01.00 AM in here there small water source but little bit hard to put it. from Banggul Adem to the top (welirang) about 3-4 Hour, Banggul adem-Shelter-Sabrangan-Watu Lintang-Top" - Gunung Welirang, xwalarea, Apr 18, 2015
"Used the mostly unused trail from Tahura camp. There is a sign which says Puncak Gunung Lawu 3.8 km. That is a mistake! The real distance is 9 km until the peak. Following the signs POS I-V through the jungle. Half way betwen POS IV and V the path joins the main path from Cemoro Kandang. The portion between POS II and IV is very steep. The whole trail is unbeaten, through the jungle, but machete was not necessary during the night, with headlight, one could see the path judging from the underbush size. nevertheless, it is easy to get lost, you can use my GPS track here: http://www.movescount.c" - Gunung Lawu, csaladenes, Apr 1, 2015
"There is water source at pos V via Cemoro Sewu (Jolotundho pos). And, there is a food stall right 200 meters below the peak. So it's OK to "tek tok" (go up then down), whitout camping. It's only need 5-6 hours to summit via Cemoro Sewu. And it's only need 2.5-3.5 hours to down via Cemoro Sewu." - Gunung Lawu, sigitaji, Aug 9, 2014

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