Jawa Tengah peaks

1,449 peaks

Highest peak

Gunung Slamet

11,246 ft / 3,427 m

Most summited peak

Gunung Merbabu

17 summits

Most prominent peak

Gunung Slamet

10,774 ft / 3,283 m prom

Jawa Tengah summits

83 summits

First Ascent Awards

12 of 1,449 peaks 0%

Top climbing months

August 23%

May 14%

December 10%

Top ranges

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Jawa Tengah mountains highlights

"This hill has beautiful scenery from the peak. We can see Yogyakarta City in the east and Magelang City in the North. We only need to tracking ten minutes from the parking area to the peak." - Bukit Kendil, sigitaji, Aug 20, 2016
"For this second summit we choose to take another route. We start from Gogik village. This route is shorter, only need 1 hour to the east peak. But, the route is harder and steeper. " - Gunung Andong, sigitaji, Dec 24, 2015
"My team summit via Selo because this route has a beautiful scenery. We can see Merapi Mountain behind us. But, this route has no water source. So my team have to bring enough water from the Selo basecamp. Male members bring 5L water each. The girl members bring 3L water each. All this water only for 2D1N trip. " - Gunung Merbabu, sigitaji, Aug 9, 2015
"Mount Merbabu is one of many mountain in java that present beautiful savanas. Merbabu has 5 route to get the Summit. Wekas, Selo, Thekelan, Chuntel, and Suwanting. And thi time I climb via Suwanting Route that have been close for climbing for years, and open again on 2015 (if not wrong). " - Gunung Merbabu, afvendiant, Jul 23, 2015
"Prau moutain has a beatiful scenery. It's famous with the golden sunrise moment with the background are Sindoro, Sumbing, Ungaran, Merbabu, Merapi, even Lawu Mountain (if the weather is clear). It's only need 3-4 hours to summit via Patak Banteng. And 2-3 hours to down. So, Prau Mountain is OK for novice climber. Our Prau hiking video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAkqBlLvHuM" - Gunung Prau, sigitaji, Dec 25, 2014

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