Midi-Pyrénées peaks

979 peaks

Highest peak

Massif de Vignemale

10,820 ft / 3,297 m

Most summited peak

Massif de Vignemale

7 summits

Most prominent peak

Pico de Estats

4,202 ft / 1,280 m prom

Midi-Pyrénées summits

82 summits

First Ascent Awards

48 of 979 peaks 4%

Top climbing months

July 32%

August 32%

June 18%

Midi-Pyrénées mountains highlights

"Thanks to peakery I can't pass by a mountain range without claiming a peak. So... easy one, but my first in the Pyrenees. And with a castle on top. A nice trip at the beginning of spring." - Pog de Montségur, Adrian, Apr 5, 2018
"We had originally intended to climb the Gran Vignemale or Pique Longue which is the highest point of the Massif de Vignemale but because of time constraints we had to make do with the hikers peak of the Petit Vignemale. Our biggest mistake was that we parked our little hire car too low and too far below the dam. The road is unpaved but with a little persistence and basic off road driving skills one can actually drive all the way to the dam saving precious time if you plan to do an out and back. From the dam it is a picturesque walk up the Oulettes d'Ossoue valley passing beautiful waterfalls " - Massif de Vignemale, chrispatient, Aug 19, 2017
"Continuation of walk from Pic de Bazès. Re-traced steps steeply down to Col de Bazès, then faint path up the north ridge to the un-marked summit. A mass of purple heather, buzzing with bees. Walk continued to Cap de Soc. Hot, dry and sunny. Solo." - Soum de la Berducou, marktrengove, Aug 26, 2016
"Continuation of walk from Cap de Soc. Retraced steps to Col de la Serre, then east down to Col de Couraduque. After drinks in the cafe, wandered up onto this moorland summit to the east of the col. Then descended east and south via Col de Couret to Gaillagos. Hot, dry and sunny. Solo." - Le Soc, marktrengove, Aug 26, 2016
"From Col du Couraduque. Took the forest tracks west via Col de la Serre to Col de Bazès, then steep path north-east to the edge of the wood, then more steeply still west on the path just inside the shady beech-wood to the summit. Walk continued to Soum de la Berducou. Solo. Hot, dry and sunny all day. More lammergeiers! " - Pic de Bazès, marktrengove, Aug 26, 2016

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