2,463 ft / 751 m

#1 in Donegal

#81 in Ireland


2,247 ft / 685 m

#1 in Donegal

#10 in Ireland


9 summits

#1 in Donegal

#21 in Ireland

Top climbing months

June   20%

August   20%

May   10%

Most climbed route

From car park to south


  • Most iconic peak in Donegal and perhaps all of Ireland!
  • Errigal's distinctive, steep scree slopes rise to the highest perch in Donegal
  • The southernmost of the Seven Sisters mountain chain, part of the Derryveagh Mountains
  • The normal climbing route starts at the car park on the R251 road and crosses boggy land before ascending steep scree slopes to the summit
  • The popular One Man's Pass, an exposed ridge walk beyond the main summit, leads to Errigal's lower summit