Dubrovačko-neretvanska peaks

314 peaks

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4,049 ft / 1,234 m

Most summited peak

Mount Srđ

3 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Srđ

541 ft / 164 m prom

Dubrovačko-neretvanska summits

14 summits

First Ascent Awards

11 of 314 peaks 3%

Top climbing months

June 21%

August 21%

April 14%

Top ranges

Dinaric Alps


Dubrovačko-neretvanska mountains highlights

"Finally after being away from the Mountains a few Months this was a worthy Hike up on Mount Srđ It is a mountain just behind the walled city of Dubrovnik, in Dalmatia, Croatia. Its height is 413 metres, the top of which is adorned with "Fort Imperial", built in 1806-1816 during the Napoleonic Wars. From its top the walled city of Dubrovnik one can enjoy a great View over the Adriatic Sea. It is a fairly exhausting climb to the top, via the serpentine footpath especially in the Hot Afternoon Sun. This mountain home to one of the fiercest battles of the 1991-1995 Croatian War of Independence, n" - Mount Srđ, Nuernberger, Aug 5, 2014

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