8.31.19 Charleston Peak #80 w/Maia. Big Loop, 16 miles, 5,300’ gain, 6:01hrs. 3:27hrs up, :17 min on the summit, down in 2:17hr. TC➡️NLT➡️Devils Thumb➡️Old SLT➡️Hwy. I had the pleasure of showing @maiabirdygoat Devils Thumb. I took her on my own variation of the route I call “climb through the tree tunnel”....She invited me for a Mtn workout this morning. I was beat up from Whitney but that’s irrelevant. (Peer pressure is a good thing when you love mountains.) I threw myself into a hot bath, rolled out my legs with my bakery rolling pin and went to meet her. I was super tired from Yesterday’s Mt Whitney Summit, so I let her go after we did the Summit so I could do the “tired legs scamper”...and she could run. Thank you Maia! I adore you. Congrats on your 1st DT ascent. It was masterful.