I drive about 60 miles to the starting point of the route. This place is located at kilometer 7 of road RM D13 near Aguilas.
I pass by Cabezo de Los Mayorales and to the right begins a narrow path that continues southwest and goes through the crest of the Sierra. It reminds me of a roller coaster always going up and down, but walking.
There are few shadows to take refuge so I drink water frequently. Near the Cabezo de La Cruz I see some half-dead cactuses that remind me that I walk through semidesertic terrain.
I see butterflies, partridges and ocellated lizards, also beetles and other insects.
I have a long time to get home, I drive at 55 miles per hour, on the radio you hear a preacher from the Bronx talking about Jacob.
It occurs to me that the world seems small and yet it is infinite.