Tasmania peaks

1,511 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Ossa

5,305 ft / 1,616 m

Most summited peak

Cradle Mountain

10 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Ossa

5,305 ft / 1,617 m prom

Tasmania summits

84 summits

First Ascent Awards

40 of 1,511 peaks 2%

Top climbing months

July 17%

September 16%

February 11%

Tasmania mountains highlights

"Awesome ascent. Just enough risk to make it exciting. Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service advise against climbing Mount Ossa if it's snowing. Only problem was that it started snowing while we were half way up." - Mount Ossa, alexmotyka, Sep 25, 2016
"Three of us walked up this hill from the Poimena (ghost town) carpark. It was sign posted as Mt Poimena Loop Walk or something similar. The general area is known as the "Blue Tier". There are tin mining relics in this area. It is an easy scramble up a pile of rocks adjacent the loop track to summit this hill. We also walked the nearby Wellington Creek and Goblin Forest loop walks. " - Mount Poimena, glennj, Oct 14, 2014
"I've been up there twice in recent years and yes, I too slipped and fell down, not because of the mud ,as it was a brilliant day, no because of the slippery gum leaves. I no sooner got on my feet and there stood a young girl in front of me like an angel in distress and when she saw my bleeding thumb she got out some disinfectant and some tissues and after some encouraging words went on her way up as I continued my descend . Quite surprising as I had not seen a single soul all day. As for the scenery, yes it is great, but I think the Parks and Wildlife people or the Penguin Progress Assoc. ough" - Mount Montgomery, jim-van-ommen, Jan 7, 2013
"This was a brilliant short walk (3hrs) that starts with a moderate climb which ends with a fire tower. The second half of the walk is a very gradual incline that ends with a lookout towards the southern end of Maria Island. Be careful re-entering the track from the lookout as there is two tracks that lead away from this point, the most obvious one is not the right one and disappears towards the water. This would be a great walk for a family or school group." - Macgregor Peak, katepeacock, Apr 25, 2011
"Anchored our yacht Banyandah in Farm Cove, packed for three days, landed at 42 19.95'S ~ 145 30.22'E. Thick scrub and razor grass for first 500m then open button grass plains with mountains in sight. Took all day to lug packs up first ridge to only flat spot for base. Next morning with only day pack ascended spur to ridge and along to last peak, the highest point. Wonderful views over Macquarie Harbour and Southern Ocean. Weather can be a factor. PHOTOS: http://jackandjude.com/photos/200910-voyage/" - Mount Sorell, Captain-Jack, Mar 12, 2010

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