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I started the hike at 0732 after arriving at the Kings Canyon Trailhead parking lot. The lot is sizeable, hosting upwards to 20 cars, but there were only 8 or so when I showed up. I stayed to the right, hiking in the kings canyon wash for the first half hour, where it was pleasant and shaded, but the sand under my feet slowed my usual fast tempo. I made it to the summit in 1 hour and 10 minutes, reaching at 0832 and spent 15 minutes taking photos and enjoying the view. The temperature and sun made the long stay somewhat uncomfortable, so I headed over to Amole peak shortly thereafter, scrambled to the top, before hopping down and returning to the parking lot. Amole peak is probably a haven for rattle snakes given the amount of rocks there, but I did not see any, fortunately. I had to bushwhack, scramble, and route find on that peak too.

I made it back to my vehicle by 1029 to make it just under 3 hours round trip, with probably about 45 minutes of breaks or climbing random rock scrambles that I saw.

Route to summit

Unknown route


routefinding, bushwhacking, no water source, rockfall/loose rock, weather

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