Mount Monadnock

Mount Monadnock is the most prominent New England mountain peak south of the White Mountains and east of the Massachusetts Berkshires. It has long been known as one of the most frequently climbed mountains in the world. Mount Monadnock is nearly 1,000 feet higher than any mountain peak within 30 miles and rises 2,000 feet above the surrounding landscape. The term "monadnock" has come to be used by American geologists to describe any isolated mountain formed from the exposure of a harder rock as a result of the erosion of a softer rock that once surrounded it. Monadnock's bare, isolated, and rocky summit provides expansive views. A number of hiking trails ascend the mountain, including the 110-mile Metacomet-Monadnock Trail and the 50-mile Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway.

Mount Monadnock SUMMIT LOG peakery first ascent by wskendal

405 members report climbing or hiking to the summit, most recently on Jun 14, 2015. Below are trip reports and shared pictures from their climbs. Based on the summit log, the most popular climbing routes and hiking trails to the summit are white dot, White Dot Trail and Dublin Trail.

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Routes Used trails & approaches

16% white dot

11% White Dot Trail

6% Dublin Trail

4% Marlborough Trail to Dublin/Marlborough Trail

4% White Cross Trail

3% Marlborough Trail

2% Pumpelly Trail

2% whitecross>spruce link>White dot

2% White dot>cascade link>spellman>pumpelly

2% White Dot to the Cascade Link to Spellman Trail to Pumpelly Trail to Summit.

2% Old Toll Road to White Arrow Trail

2% White arrow

2% Birchcroft>red spot>pumpelly

1% White cross>spruce link>white dot

1% Lost Farm to Cliff Walk to White Cross

1% Old halfway house trail, white arrow

1% White Dot Trial to White Cross Trail

1% Pumpelly

1% White Dot to White Cross to White Dot

1% White Cross Trail to White Dot Trail

1% Dublin Trail to Dublin/Marlborough Trail

1% white arrow trail to halfway house

0% White Dot to Cascade Link to Pumpelly Trail

0% White arrow>side foot>old toll road

0% Old Toll Road to White arrow

0% old toll road>halfway house>side foot>fairysprings>smithsummit

0% Pumpelly->Cascade Link->Birchtoft

0% Marlboro trail>Dublin peak>Summit

0% Smith summit>Monte Rosa>Great Pasture>Marian trail>Marlboro trail

0% Smith Summit to Amphitheatre to Smith Connecting to Cliff Walk to Lost Farm to Parker

0% Dublin Trail>Dublin Peak>Summit

0% Dublin trail>Dutcher point>Old path

0% White arrow>Sidefoot>Hello rock>Cliff walk>Parker>old toll road

0% Dublin/Marlborough Trail to Smith Summit to Monte Rosa to Fairy Spring to Clif Walk to Parker Trail

0% White dot>White cross>smith connecting>Red spot>pumpelly

0% White arrow>Do drop>Thoreau>Cliff walk>Lost farm>

0% Lost farm, parker, cliff walk, hello rock, side foot, smith connecting, ampitheatre, smith summit

0% Bushwacked up Mountain Brook to Pumpelli Trail

0% Smith Summit Tr., Black Precipice, White Cross

0% Old toll road>parker>cliff walk>bald rock>white arrow>ampitheater>white arrow

0% White arrow Trail-amphitheatre Trail- Cliff Walk Trail - Old Toll Road

0% Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway

0% M-M

0% Pumpelly to Spellman to Cascade Link to White Dot

0% Old Halfway House to Cart Path to Mossy Brook to Great Pasture to Smith Summit to Fairy Spring to White Arrow to Do Drop to Cliff Walk to Smith Connecting to Amphitheatre to White Arrow

0% Smith Summit to Amphitheatre to Smith Connecting to White Cross

0% Parker Tr., Cliff Walk, Hello Rock & White Arrow Trails

0% White dot>smith connecting>red spot>pumpelly

0% Royce>Cart Path>Mossy Brook>Marion>Marlboro

0% White Cross Trail to Smith Connecting Trail to Bald Rock to White Arrow Trail

0% Parker>Lost Farm>Cliff Walk>Ampitheatre>Smith Summit

0% Smith Summit>Monte Rosa>Halfway House Site>Old toll rd.>Parker

0% White dot>spruce link>white cross

0% Pumpelly>red spot>cascade link>white dot

0% white arrow>hellorock>cliff walk>parker>oldtollroad

0% White arrow to amphitheatre to Smith Connecting to Cliff Walk to Lost Farm to Parker Trail

0% White Dot to White Cross to Smith Connecting to amphitheater to White arrow

0% Red Spot

0% Hinkley trail》Harling》Cascade》Spellman》Pumpelly》Summit

0% white dot》old ski path》red spot》white spot 》Park HQ

0% White Dot to White Cross to Smith Connecting to Cliff Walk to Do Drop to Monte Rosa to Smith Summit

0% Old toll road>half way house> do drop>cliff walk to bald rock>ampithaeter to black presipice>white arrow

0% Smith Summit Trail to Great Pasture Trail to Marian Trail to Marlborough Trail

0% Old Halfway House Trail-White arrow Trail-Fairy Spring Trail- Smith Summit Trail

0% White Dot>Cascade Link>Red Dot Trail>Pumpelly

0% Monadnock-Sunnapee Greenway

0% White Cross to White Dot decent.

0% Pumpelly Tr., Cascade Link & White Dot Tr.

0% Birchtoft Trail to Cascade Link to Pumpelly Trail to Spellman Trail to Cascade Link to Red Spot Trail to Pumpelly Trail

0% White arrow to amphitheatre to Smith Connecting to Hedgehog to Side Foot to Noble to Cliff Walk to Lost Farm to Parker to Old Toll Road

0% oldtoll road>Half way house>White arrow>Fairy springs>Monte Rosa>Smith summit>Ampitheater>White arrow

0% White Dot Trail to White Cross Trail

0% White arrow to amphitheatre to Sidefoot to Do Drop to Thureau to Cliff Walk to Point Surprise to Hello Rock to Cliff Walk to Parker

0% White Dot Trail to Old Ski Path to Red Spot Trail to Cascade Link to Harling Trail to Hinkley Trail to Birchtoft Trail

0% Bushwhack to Pumpelly Trail

0% Halfway house to white arrow trail

0% White Arrow Trail to Lost Farm Trail via Bald Rock

0% Parker> lost farm> cliff walk> smith connecting> ampitheater> white arrow

0% White Arrow to Old Toll Road

0% Halfway House, Thoreau Tr., Cliff Walk,Smith Connector, White Dot

0% White cross>smith connecting>red spot>birchcroft

0% White Dot Trail > White Cross Trail > Smith Connecting Link > White Dot Trail


SNAPSHOTedit info

Alternate Names

Grand Monadnock


3,165 ft / 965 m


2,150 ft / 655 m

Height Rank Range

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New Hampshire, United States

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  • snodough
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  • asamartin
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