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  • Mount Zealand is a 4000 footer in New Hampshire's White Mountains.
  • Stands on a spur ridge northeast of Mount Guyot and faces Whitewall Mountain to the east across Zealand Notch.
  • The Appalachian Trail crosses very close to the viewless summit of Zealand.
  • Zeacliff, a rock ledge vista offering an impressive view south across the Pemigewasset Wilderness, lies close to the summit of Zealand.
"Hiked in the Zealand trail to hut then, continued to Zeacliff and Mount Zealand. From there hiked over Mount Guyot to the campsite for the night. Enjoyed the sunset on West Bond that night and next morning hiked out over Mount Bond and Boncliff to Lincoln woods." - blackwolf_03278, Jul 22, 2017
"Did the Bonds out and back from Zealand, long day (12 hours +) and about 20 miles. Actually good weather but it was hot coming back up to Bond from Bondcliff. Bondcliff didn't disappoint, fabulous views as always. Trails not as full as we thought they'd be. Forgot how rough Zealand trail was from the Zealand summit to Guyot." - Alohabuffy, Jul 22, 2017
"Great day for a hike (low humidity, abundant sunshine). Trail was wet (torrential downpours on the 1st), but still quite nice. Lots of water crossings - only 1 difficult one. Really enjoyed the Zeacliff views. " - PJSelmer, Jul 2, 2017
"Final peak of the day was Zealand. I made pretty quick work of the out and back from Guyot since I dropped my bag. Its a lot easier to hike when you don't have a backpack on. Nothing eventful on the summit of Zealand. The true summit has a sign and its in the woods, so it was just a quick picture and then back to Guyot. The sun still didn't make its way out by the time I made it back to Guyot and it remained hidden by the time I got back to South Twin. It was just barely making its way through the clouds when I made it back to North Twin. I saw some blue skies during my descent back down to th" - LGH-Tom, Jun 28, 2017
"The Quick and Dirty Trail Report: Trails: Zealand Trail, Twinway, Appalachian Trail Parking: a few cars in each of the lots on our drive in to the Zealand parking lot Trails clear up to about 3400 feet. Snow covered trails up to summit with slushy patches and bare rock…and lots of streams Water crossings: Streams galore…a major crossing after the hut that was up to 7 feet wide on our return Dogs…none Traction: Bare boot and then Spikes from 3400…wished I had snow shoes!! Lost & Found: found a sneaker that looked to be there from the winter Lots and lots of snow and water out " - shay-shay, May 16, 2017



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