5,522 ft / 1,683 m


2 summits

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March   33%

April   33%

August   33%

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Trail 1222

"Elbow Peak is situated close to the center mass of a small grouping of mountains between the Cle Elum and Teanaway River Valleys. In winter the Middle Fork Teanaway River Road is plowed to about 2.5 miles from the spur road that leads to the start of Trail 1222 at the southern base of Yellow Hill. I left the car and started out on the snowmobile-groomed road at 7 a.m. with Maverick the Mountaineering Mastiff. This was his first hike since he ripped off a toenail over a month ago, and he was clearly very excited to finally be back out in the wild. We crossed what looked like cougar tracks se" - Jeb, Mar 2, 2013


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