6,241 ft / 1,902 m


681 ft / 208 m




14 summits

Top climbing months

July   35%

September  35%

October   14%

Most climbed route

Yellow Aster Butte Trail

"I had been wanting to visit this with my friend for a long time. He finally took me and two others on this fine day. Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle very very bad at the beginning of the hike (which never ever happens!) Some of us wanted us to turn around, or have me wait for the others to summit to meet with me later...no, no, no, I wasn't going to be left behind again. I toughed it out and fought through it and made it to the true summit with an easy scramble in the afternoon. This should be a pretty easy hike, but it turned into one of the most difficult hikes I've ever done due to the pa" - aimk13, Sep 29, 2012



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