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Wright Peak Trail


  • Wright Peak is in the High Peaks of the Adirondack Park of New York and the northernmost peak in the MacIntyre Range.
  • Known to have one of the windiest summits in the park.
  • The usual approach to Wright Peak is from the Adirondak Loj up the Van Hovenberg Trail to the steep MacIntyre Range Trail to the junction for Algonquin Peak; a left turn takes the climber up the last few hundred feet of elevation through the alpine zone.
  • Wright is often hiked in conjunction with Algonquin and sometimes Iroquois Peak by pursuers of the ADK 46ers challenge. Many of these pursuers search for B 47 bomber wreckage and the bronze plaque just north of the summit, which memorializes the four airmen who lost their lives in the crash.
  • Backcountry skiing is popular on Wright Peak.
  • There are long slides from the summit that lead to Marcy Dam and are often skied in winter.
  • Also, the Wright Peak Ski Trail, cut by the CCC in the 1930s, descends the northeast side of the peak in a series of switchbacks.
"Très belle journée avec Mélanie. Nous avons fais un bon 22km avec Wright, Algonquin, Bouandry et Iroquois. Le retour c'est fait par Avanche Pass. Beaucoup de glace pour monter. Les crampons furent nécessaire. Très boueux en descendant. " - fsoucy76, Nov 4, 2017
"I actually had no intention of doing Wright today, but as I came down from Algonquin with another gentleman, we decided to do it despite the day getting on and my overwhelming fatigue already. My only wish is that I'd had time to look for the wreckage. Also my camera died, but my hiking companion took a pic and said he'd send it to me." - MarkEarle67, Aug 14, 2017
"Came in from ADK Loj. We started late, around 11:30. It's not too bad on the way up. Definitely tougher after the trail breaks for the .4 to the summit. windy doesnt even describe the top and Algonquin looks enormous! It was cloudy but still had gorgeous views." - bbergman, Aug 6, 2017
"Started out from the Loj at 6am and headed out with the goal of hiking Wright, Algonquin, and Iroquois. Trails were decent until we got to the junction of the Wright ski trail, nobody had been past that point since before the storms that dropped 18-24 inches of fresh powder. We headed up to Algonquin first and spent a lot more time than expected route finding and breaking trail. After summiting Algonquin in 20-30mph winds we decided to skip Iroquois and head back down and summit Wright before heading back to the car. Wright was really ice above treeline, but a short hike from the junction. We " - LGH-Tom, Feb 17, 2017
"Hiked with Tom and my cousin Nick. We hiked this mountain after summiting Algonquin first. After breaking trail all day even the short half mile spur trail to the summit was tough. We made the summit on hung out for a short time behind a boulder partially out of the intense wind. All in all it was a good day. " - Kim-Stilson, Feb 17, 2017



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