5,430 ft / 1,655 m


9 summits

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August   33%

July   22%

September  22%

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High Lakes trail to Wright Mtn boot trail

2,561 ft / 781 m gain
"From the boys' WTA Trip Report: We are the Mountain Goats and today we headed up to the Snoqualmie Pass area. Our original plan was to try and climb Mount Roosevelt, as we started to head up the Snow Lake trail in cloudy weather. It was pretty easy going up to Snow Lake and got a bit crowded as we descended from the pass towards the lake. The recent snow and slush had frozen over and was pretty slippery. Especially for people with sneakers and no poles. Many people were stopping here as we cruised around the lake on our way towards Gem Lake. On the trail up to Gem Lake we started gett" - BryHong8, Oct 7, 2018
"Finally made the trek up to Snow Lake on this wilderness superhighway. Amazed to see 80 or so cars at the TH parking lot on this Wed am... with more rolling in all the time. Never underestimate how seriously Washingtonians take this stuff! Completely socked in on the ascent; finally started to burn off as we made it to Gem Lake. Contemplated heading over to Mt Roosevelt but only had a 4 hr window so opted for Wright. Found the path very easily up from Gem Lake, an easy route past several tarns and up over some talus. Great summit perch with exceptional views in all directions. Would love t" - scott, Aug 20, 2014
"I spent last weekend backpacking with some friends above Snow Lake. The plan was to visit 4 peaks and at least 5 alpine lakes in a single weekend. Along the way we would encounter mountain goats, ice shelf collapse and even an explosion. We had stellar weather with temperatures up to the high 70's and sunny skies the entire trip. On Friday night I hiked in after work with Colin and set up camp on the north end of Gem Lake just as the Sun set, then we made the short trip up Wright Mountain by headlamp. A nearly full moon made for less than brilliant starry skies, but the surrounding peaks wer" - Jeb, Jul 19, 2013
"Hiked to the summit on the 2nd day of a 3 day camp trip at Gem Lake. The trail is steep and rough and the last couple hundred feet is more of a scramble up a talus/scree slope. The weather was warm and sunny which afforded excellent views. There were bugs all over the summit but at 2nd glance they turned out to be lady bugs." - mtnhiker, Sep 23, 2009


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