3,783 ft / 1,153 m


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March   13%

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May   11%

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Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide Trail

"Tom, Joe, Yong Ae and I rendezvoused at Moon Haw to hike the old Boy Scout trail a month after Tom and I last did it. For both Joe and Yong Ae it was their first time and they found the final ascent to the Burroughs Range trail quite challenging. Deeper compacting snow would make the climb much easier. Once we successfully bagged Cornell we headed over to Wittenberg where we enjoyed the wonderful view of a cloud bank. Both Yong Ae and I broke a chain link on one of our Hillsounds on the way so out came the stainless steel zip ties for a quick fix, always nice to do when your fingers are a bit " - Nimblefoot, Jan 10, 2019
"Six of us headed out of Moon Haw to visit the summits of Wittenberg and Cornell. Instead of heading out the back of the parking lot and crossing the creek right away we headed up toward Friday mountain just enough to get passed the private property. Then dropped down to pickup the old Boy Scout trail to head up to the Burroughs Range trail. The microspikes went on as we gained elevation where the thin crusty snow caused back slipping. Higher up the snow deepened but still had a hard crust so we simply kicked steps. I followed the trail pretty well until the final several hundred feet where I " - Nimblefoot, Dec 9, 2018
"Nine of us took a stroll across the Burroughs Range to complete Laura’s and Tom’s first 420 Catskill Grid and my second one. Beautiful sunny day with the heat and humidity down to a more reasonable level compared to the previous week. Not many folks on top but it was still early in the day. Chatted with an old friend before moving on to Cornell." - Nimblefoot, Jul 8, 2018
"Steve and I out for a through hike on the Burroughs Range. Shortly after leaving Cornell we came upon the infamous Cornell crack. Now we see why we haven’t seen any other hikers all morning on such a beautiful day. Normally not much of a challenge but today there is enough ice in the crack to question our safe descent. While we are looking down it a young couple,who are backpacking the range, are trying to figure out how to ascend it. Steve managed to get down it slow and safely then I attempted to do the same only to take a misstep an executed a butt luge to the bottom. Safe but gained a nice" - Nimblefoot, Apr 21, 2018
"Seven of us did a nice long hike from Lanes street in Phoenicia to Slide mountain PA. Visited the summits of Romer, Cross, Wittenberg, Cornell and Slide mountains. Surprisingly only two other folks on the summit when we arrived." - Nimblefoot, Oct 28, 2017



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