7,502 ft / 2,286 m


502 ft / 153 m


28 summits

Top climbing months

October   17%

February   14%

June   10%

Most climbed route

From Cloudburst Summit

"An unused (by vehicles) dirt road gradually climbs from Cloudburst Summit. This is where the hike to the summit begins. Eventually, a well defined use trail leaves the old road bed and elevates to the summit. This was an easy climb, but while encountering hunters with rifles near the top, I quickly deduced that it was hunting season. I had to be wary of imitating a deer the rest of my time out there. It seemed to work. From Winston Peak, I descended its steep northern slope and continued on the Peak 6903 and to Winston Ridge. In capturing all three, I hiked a total of 5 miles. However, for jus" - Peak-Conquistador, Oct 14, 2017
"Very short, easy hike up use trail from Cloudburst Summit (7,018') on Angeles Crest Hwy. Many big boulders and rocks on the summit area. Lots of Jeffrey Pines enroute as well, so the area smells like vanilla cookies on a sunny day. Elevation gain is about 500' from highway to peak." - brianpowell, Sep 24, 2016
"Easy, open hiking up to the summit. Was originally intended to go down the north ridge to continue on to Winston Ridge, but hard, icy snow sent me over to the east ridge instead." - edg, Feb 13, 2016
"We drove up to Angeles Crest in the late afternoon. Our plan was to do 3 easy peaks Winston, Buckhorn and Mt. Lewis. The hike up Winston was fantastic and very eerie. I love the solitude one finds up here in these non-popular high country hikes. The peak was cool but there were a lot of trees obstructing most the view. A fun route finding detour on the way down and back to the car we go on to the next trail head. Winston is peak #60 of my 100 in 2014 goal. " - 1-with-Nature, Aug 25, 2014



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