14,017 ft / 4,272 m

#70 in Colorado

#112 in United States


877 ft / 267 m

#303 in Colorado

#3,060 in United States


34 summits

#79 in Colorado

#952 in United States

Top climbing months

July   38%

August   32%

September  20%

Most climbed route

Southwest Ridge

Class 3


  • Wilson Peak is a Colorado 14er in the southern San Juan Mountains.
  • Two additional 14ers are within 2 miles of its summit: Mount Wilson and El Diente Peak.
  • Summer ascents of the peak are considered Class 3.
  • The easiest traditional route climbs south through Silver Pick Basin, although use of this route has come into question since 2004 when private landowners failed to come to an agreement with the US Forest Service regarding hiking access.
  • Most famous as the distinctive pyramidal peak in the Coors Beer logo.