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  • Wilson Peak is a Colorado 14er in the southern San Juan Mountains.
  • Two additional 14ers are within 2 miles of its summit: Mount Wilson and El Diente Peak.
  • Summer ascents of the peak are considered Class 3.
  • The easiest traditional route climbs south through Silver Pick Basin, although use of this route has come into question since 2004 when private landowners failed to come to an agreement with the US Forest Service regarding hiking access.
  • Most famous as the distinctive pyramidal peak in the Coors Beer logo.
"This turned into an accidental epic: Climb of Wilson Peak went really well and I topped out after 4 hours from the TH. The weather was beautiful with no chance of lightning so I decided Gladstone would make an easy bonus tag. The ridge to Gladstone was nonstop rotten class III that took several hours. About 50' below the summit a boulder I was on came loose, and I fell about 5' and landed hard on a twisted left ankle. After assuring myself nothing was broken I hobbled the rest of the way to the summit, and then gingerly downclimbed the class III back to the main trail, taking 6 hours from the " - Christopher, Jul 14, 2016
"Our final three Colorado 14ers and an exciting time. We started at the Rock of ages trailhead with the intention of hiking over the pass and climbing Wilson Peak the first night and then leaving El Diente and Mt. Wilson for the next day. Suprised by the amount of snow we settled on a camp in the basin before the pass and had a cold uncomfortable nights sleep. The next morning we took a predawn direct route up to the saddle in the soft unsettled snow and made our way around the south side of Wilson Peak. We found the route to be a little tricky and heads up in places with the newly fallen s" - Yosemike, Sep 29, 2013



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