7,845 ft / 2,391 m


205 ft / 62 m


22 summits

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August   18%

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Burkhart Trail from Buckhorn

"Was excited to begin this hike because it was 41 degrees at 9 AM, and I got to wear long sleeves and long pants for the first time in a long time. The original plan was to climb Will Thrall Peak, Pleasant View Ridge and then Pallett Mountain. The first two were in the bag, but Pallett Mountain will need to wait for another day due to time constraints. Identified many of the other high points nearby, but unfortunately they remained out of reach today. The Burkhart Trail passes through Cooper Canyon, which is definitely the premier location in the Angeles National Forest. Although this is the be" - Peak-Conquistador, Sep 23, 2017
"My Friend Brett and I took the Burkhart Trail from Buckhorn Campground which is an incredibly beautiful journey down Cooper Canyon where some of the lushest forest in Southern California grows. The trail goes down for over a mile losing 800' to near the bottom of the canyon. There grow some huge Incense-Cedars 150' tall, with enormous 160'-180' Ponderosa Pines, White Firs, and a few Jeffrey Pines (this is one of the few areas in the Angeles where I saw more Ponderosas than Jeffreys!) There are also many tall Sugar Pines, White Alders, and a lush shrub understorey. We could see Cooper Canyo" - brianpowell, Aug 4, 2017
"Lovely hike through what is maybe the best of the San Gabriels. There's a decent for 840 feet to start, assuming you're coming from Buckhorn Campground. And there's a nice spot for stream water near were it crosses the PCT. " - JustinB, Jul 5, 2017
"Peak 3/5 on a grand tour of Pleasant View Ridge. The drop to the saddle between this one and Pallett was tough on both sides. Wind really picked up by the time we summitted, and we could see the inbound storm front on the far horizon." - edg, Dec 13, 2015
"6 miles 1-way w/2,475' gain on 10W02 and peak trail from Burkhart Trail parking area(6,420'). Water crossing, breezy, cloudy day, trail was well maintained along Pleasant View Ridge." - BradStemm, Jun 18, 2014



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