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  • Whiteface Mountain is the 5th highest mountain in the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains.
  • Set apart from most of the other High Peaks, the summit offers a 360-degree view featuring the Adirondacks.
  • Home to a ski area with the highest vertical drop in the eastern United States (3430 feet).
  • Unique among the High Peaks, Whiteface features a developed summit and a seasonal motor road almost to the summit.
  • Whiteface Castle, built with granite excavated during the road construction, dominates the summit area.
  • A tunnel into the core of the mountain leads to an elevator which rises 276 feet to the summit.
  • For these reasons, Whiteface is sometimes called the "sacrificial lamb" of the Adironondacks, but great hiking trails lead to its summit.
"Final peak of the day. Amazing views and great weather. Unfortunately, the road was open and the summit was mobbed with people. We sneaked away and down a touch to enjoy the views and have a nice lunch. " - Right-On, May 28, 2017
"Wanted to hike while the weather was still warm enough so we thought we had a good day for it and decided to go up Whiteface again. Looks like winter is setting in faster then we thought especially above 4000 feet. We needed to use our microspike, to much ice on the trail. It was extremely windy and almost no visibility on the summit. So we made it, took pictures and then headed back down stopping for a snack at the trailhead to Esther mountain. Down low the weather was great. All in all a nice hike and good way to burn time. We had views from the ski lift all the way down but none from the su" - hbotc, Nov 13, 2016
"Hiked with Chad Darling. We started at the ASRC at my brothers' recommendation. Had no issues finding the trailhead & started out around 9am. The first mile was a real kick in the pants! Microspikes on the thick ice and a few stops to stretch our aching calves. Once we passed the trail junction & started up the mountain, the snow conditions were just awful. Lots of bare boot hikers on greasy snow made for challenging snowshoe conditions which was really aggravating. The relentless uphill was absolutely exhausting. The weather was grey and cloudy, and once we gained elevation we were inside of " - kellieirene, Feb 28, 2016
"Headed up to Whiteface from the ASRC with Kim. This was her first 46er. We ended up skipping Esther because the trail breaking through heavy snow on the way to the summit was tough and we got a later start than we would have liked due to the driving conditions because of the snow. Windy and cold summit." - LGH-Tom, Jan 29, 2016
"Enjoyed a great hike up from the Connery Pond TH to the summit via the Whiteface Placid Brook slide. It is roughly a 6 mile hike with the last 0.6 or so being the 1000' gain up the slide. The hike requires a short bushwack off the trail and then a walk up the stream bed for a bit before cutting over again to the slide. A member of our group who has already summited both Whiteface and Esther wasn't feeling to well so we took a ride down the road Enjoyable day with a little extra challenge. " - deb-and-rob, Sep 20, 2015



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