4,865 ft / 1,483 m

#5 in New York

#29,121 in United States


3,110 ft / 948 m

#4 in New York

#314 in United States


173 summits

#8 in New York

#77 in United States

Top climbing months

August   17%

July   13%

June   13%


  • Whiteface Mountain is the 5th highest mountain in the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains.
  • Set apart from most of the other High Peaks, the summit offers a 360-degree view featuring the Adirondacks.
  • Home to a ski area with the highest vertical drop in the eastern United States (3430 feet).
  • Unique among the High Peaks, Whiteface features a developed summit and a seasonal motor road almost to the summit.
  • Whiteface Castle, built with granite excavated during the road construction, dominates the summit area.
  • A tunnel into the core of the mountain leads to an elevator which rises 276 feet to the summit.
  • For these reasons, Whiteface is sometimes called the "sacrificial lamb" of the Adironondacks, but great hiking trails lead to its summit.