5,999 ft / 1,828 m


76 summits

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September  14%

March   13%

October   11%

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Southeast ridge

"Led Tiff & Saoly up to White Rock Hills Peak via the Northern Route, which travels up and over White Rock Springs Peak too. Lots of ups and downs. This route was longer than the beta indicated. We did find an awesome arch on our way down!" - Kevin, Sep 23, 2016
"St Patrick's Day hike leading the Overweight Hikers Meetup. Everyone was wearing green and we had an enjoyable scramble to the peak. Lots of brush along the route, but good rock and a fun traverse along the ridge between the two summits. We shared the peak with the Around the Bend Friends group. " - cardsfanlv, Mar 17, 2015
"Hike with the 52 Peak Club. Fun scramble with Having Fun Linda's group. Total elevation gain was about 1,250 feet in about 1.2 miles. The entire route is basically a class 2 scramble. Was tough for me as a new hiker hiking with a group of seasoned hikers but I made it to the top. Amazing views and great people. Earned the 3 of Hearts. " - cardsfanlv, Nov 18, 2012



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