6,462 ft / 1,970 m


1,002 ft / 305 m


52 summits

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April   18%

March   13%

October   11%

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Standard Route

"Led Tiff & Saoly up to White Rock Hills Peak via the Northern Route, which travels up and over White Rock Springs Peak too. Lots of ups and downs. This route was longer than the beta indicated. We did find an awesome arch on our way down!" - Kevin, Sep 23, 2016
"We decided to do White Rock Hills Peak today because there was a route that I wanted to try, and there was a sub-peak that I wanted to attempt. We took Diamond Ridge Canyon (SE Gully) up to the summit of White Rock Hills Peak. Although brushy near the bottom, once past that, this was a very fun route with lots of great scrambling! From the top, we started descending via the Southern Route, making a side trip[ to White Rock Hills Jr. I had never been up there before, so we searched for the best way. Most routes looked technical, but we were able to find a cool class 4 route to the summit. " - Kevin, Apr 12, 2015
"While Linda desperately over-relied on her GPS unit to determine the obvious way we should go, I put Bill in plenty of precarious situations in order to ensure he get the best shots of me putting myself into precarious situations. " - poncho, Mar 13, 2013
"I led a small hiking group up here today via the standard route on the south side of the mountain. Lots of fun & a cool chimney. Made it to the peak in 1hr 40 min. It took us just as long to go back down." - Kevin, Jul 6, 2012



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