14,252 ft / 4,344 m


7,196 ft / 2,193 m


92 summits

Top climbing months

August   30%

September  21%

July   21%

Most climbed route

Fire Road


  • 3rd highest peak in California, one of the 14 California 14ers, and the highest in the White Mountains
  • The White Mountain Research Center located on the peak studies the effects of altitude on physiology
  • California's easiest 14er to climb. Most of the way is via the jeep road popular with mountain bikers.
"We got up at 2 am to make the long drive to the trailhead. Great hike. Easy grade with switchbacks, and no trees on the way. Altitude sickness was the biggest issue. It affected 3 out of 4 of us. The longer I was on the summit, the more I felt sick, so I left early. The views were incredible but it was hazy which helped destroy the views. Also saw marmots." - newenglandwarrior, Jul 17, 2018
"Took advantage of the long weekend and open gate day--drove from Sac to the locked gate on Saturday, camped at the gate. On Sunday we drove the two miles up to the research station and started our hike at 7:20. Aside from some altitude-related nausea and fatigue, the hike was easy. Had quite a bit of haze over the Owens Valley, but the views were still impressive. After spending about 30 mins on the summit taking pictures, we started down. After a couple miles we got caught in a very cold hail storm and heard thunder. Brrrr! We high-tailed it back to the car, wet and cold. We saw a lightning s" - kaylam87, Sep 3, 2017
"Reached summit via fire road. Scrambled to top due to snow covering trail. Please note: The road to the trailhead is very rocky and can cause flats if you drive to fast. " - Zardoz, Aug 13, 2017
"Pretty sore from doing Russell the day before but the road was easy. Insane views of the Sierras and of the Great Basin. On the way down I saw a group of 11 Bighorn sheep. After the hike I went to Mountain Rambler Brewery. Super good grub n grog. Not a bad weekend. " - MatthewWinterberg, Oct 12, 2016
"his hike was was more fun that I expected. The scenery is stark and beautiful. The drive to the trailhead is half the fun. I have a full trail guide and trip report for the White Mountain Peak hike on my blog here: https://hikingguy.com/hiking-trails/hiking-la/hike-white-mountain-peak-california/" - HikingGuy, Aug 15, 2016



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