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3,409 ft / 1,039 m


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Bull of the Woods


  • Wheeler Peak is the highest peak in the state of New Mexico.
  • Lies in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the southernmost subrange of the Rocky Mountains, in the Wheeler Peak Wilderness. Taos Ski Valley lies to the northwest of Wheeler Peak and the town of Taos is about 15 miles to the southwest.
  • The standard route on Wheeler Peak is along the north ridge.
  • Big horn sheep are common in the area.
"Day 1: My daughter Christina came to town for a 2 week visit and we made plans to have a 3 day peakbagging and backpacking adventure. I originally planned for us to peakbag in the Pecos Wilderness, but fire restrictions closed the area. We decided to go to the Wheeler Peak Wilderness, home of the highest peak in New Mexico. We left the house at 5:00 AM, June 15, 2018. We drove to the town of Red River then went south on Highway 578 to the East Fork Parking area. We arrived at 8:20 and were hiking by 8:40. The starting elevation was 9630 and it was a cool clear morning. Christina brought her" - Phil-Robinson, Jun 16, 2018
"The day of our ascent, there was a thunderstorm promised for later in the day, so we ascended faster than we would normally. Above the treelike, the wind increased dramatically, stealing the breath from you. On the summit ridge, it was extremely hard to walk as the gusts would knock you off balance with alarming regularity. We did successfully summit, and enjoyed the company of a chipmunk as we sat in the lee of the wind, once again celebrating our achievement with chocolate cigars!" - jenkinsrj@earthlink.net, Sep 22, 2017
"After climbing Guadalupe Peak, TX and Black Mesa, OK the last 2 days, today we made our way up to Wherler Peak via Bull-of-the-Woods trail. We made quick stops at BOTW Peak, Fraser Mountain & Walter Peak along the way. Took the Williams Lake trail down (with some perfect glissading). " - Kevin, Jun 4, 2017
"I reached the Taos Valley Ski road around 2 pm with a thunderstorm hitting Wheeler peak at that moment. I set up camp below the ski valley and had to wait only about half an hour for the storm to clear. I parked and began to hike to Williams Lake, then decided to try for Wheeler. I summited but quickly had to leave as a storm began to form just west of the mountain. I ran off the summit/ridge and got hailed on just a little, but fortunately there was no lightning. As quickly as the storm began to form, it broke up." - ZachTeich, Jul 3, 2016
"Took Bull-of-the-Woods trail up to Wheeler in order to hit Fraser and Walter as well. Really nice trail. Recommend breaking at the stream crossing before ascending back up toward Fraser. Once out of the tree line the views are plentiful. Descended by way of Williams Lake trail. LOTS of hikers out today, as it was a Saturday later in the season. " - aaronmcnany, Sep 19, 2015



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