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Wheeler Peak Summit Trail


  • Wheeler Peak is the highest point in Great Basin National Park
"Wanting to minimize the amount of time hiking in the sun (after the previous day's misadventure on Frary Peak), I arrived at the trailhead before 5AM, which proved to be a good decision because I wouldn't want to climb that final steep section in the middle of the day this time of year! Once I got above treeline, it became so cold and windy that I had to break out my winter hat and gloves that I had packed for Whitney. Amazingly, the wind pretty much subsided altogether after that. I couldn't have asked for better conditions on the top of my first 13er! I really hit my stride on the way" - theascent, Sep 3, 2018
"Camped at Baker Creek campground- the Wheeler campground was all full (Labor day weekend) and started around 8 am. The hike is fairly easy the first 3 miles - you just leasurly walk through the meadows and sub-alpine aspen forests. The last mile, not gonna lie, is pretty grueling. The trail is obvious, so just follow that. One step at a time! We got lucky the weather was great — 65 all day and no wind. I hear that can be a problem for hikers. Worth the effort! Great views all around. " - marinkayyy, Sep 1, 2018
"Drove up from Las Vegas with the Las Vegas Mountaineers Club to do a winter ascent of Wheeler. 7 drove up on Friday with the intention of starting on the trail around 830am. Myself, Amber & Jodie drove up early Saturday morning. We started on the trail from the Lower Lehman Creek Campground (around 7300 ft) at around 1130am. The road was closed from there. There wasn't much snow down low, but we put on our snowshoes about 1.5 miles in. The plan was to camp at Wheeler Peak Campground at about 10000 feet. We made it there around 3-4pm, taking our time. Once there, we found out that every" - Kevin, Mar 19, 2017
"First time to Great Basin NP and bagged the second highest peak in Nevada. It was very windy today with sustained 40-50mph winds. Made it tougher and felt very cold. The views were fantastic though and made putting up with the wind worth it in the end." - acekelly, Aug 7, 2016
"Drove up from Vegas Friday night & camped out. Got up early on Saturday & took the trail up to Wheeler Peak. From there, we traversed over to Jeff Davis Peak, which was HELL! The views were awesome. The drop-offs were significant. The route was the devil! A mile of loose, basketball or larger sized boulders is not my idea of a good time, but eventually, we persevered! Unfortunately, the easiest way back was the way we came - back across the boulders and back up and over Wheeler Peak. Uggghhhh!! Believe it or not, the way back to Wheeler, even though it was more elevation gain, was muc" - Kevin, Jun 7, 2014



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