11,630 ft / 3,545 m


6 summits

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August   50%

September  33%

July   16%

"I took the approach from the east side turning off the highway at Sweetwater Ranch and following the very rough road up to the ghost town of Belfort. The hike up wasn't too bad. Belfort sits right at the treeline so you basically just make your own route up to the summit. Headed over to do Mt Patterson afterwards." - Sledhead29, Aug 15, 2018
"Drove the Tundra up to Belfort via Sweetwater ranch (4x4 only). Parked at dried pond and dayhiked the peaks. Saw no other hikers, just atvs and dirtbikes. Meh. But the rocks and terrain is out of this world, almost alien. Feels like mars or the moon." - calipidder, Aug 3, 2013



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