4.12.2021~Wheeler Benchmark & 7,671, Spring Mtns, NV~15.5 miles, 5,300’ gain in 8:24hrs. Solo. I E-Biked 5 miles on Wheeler Pass & Willow creek bypass roads (from Cold Creek, NV) to start my hike. This was one of the most miserable, yet gorgeous adventures I’ve ever had. The entire hiking portion was fighting for 5 hours through thick scratchy brush and trees to get to and from the summits. The last part to the summit was class 3 cliffs but nothing too scary and it was on grippy rock. I didn’t honor my strict turn around time of 3:30pm since I was so close to the summit. I didn’t get off of the summit until 4:10pm. It was stressful to get down the Mtn through the tree and shrub maze while getting chased off by the shadows of sunset. My E-Bike malfunctioned on the return trip so I had to push it most of the way back up all the hills since it’s 75lbs (and I’m small) and I can’t pedal it up steep uphills without power. It was extremely difficult since I ran out of water. I drank from Willow Creek on the way back. I didn’t have a filter so I hope I don’t get sick. It tasted great and gave me the boost I needed to get back to the car. When the E-Bike died, I tried not to panic. I fought my way back. It was quickly getting dark. I had a vibe of low grade terror all day since I like to carry light and didn’t bring emergency supplies or a flashlight (very dumb, lesson learned). It was dark when I finally reached my car. My legs are slashed and shredded. Not a good route if wearing shorts. Not a good route period. I think most go a different way but I didn’t have a proper approach vehicle for that route. I wish I had more time to enjoy the summit. It rarely sees visitors. I wanted to search the cluttered reg box for Barbara Lilley’s entry from back in the day but It was a mess, and I had to leave. The trek was about 9 miles on foot (some pushing the bike) and 6.5 miles E-Bike. The view of snowy Willow peak, Charleston and the other giant Spring Mtn peaks were worth all my suffering. I saw a majestic elk...Yard horses & a Burro bid me farewell.