13,626 ft / 4,153 m

#242 in Colorado

#342 in United States


3,666 ft / 1,117 m

#11 in Colorado

#218 in United States


10 summits

#169 in Colorado

#1,955 in United States

Top climbing months

July   25%

May   16%

June   16%

Most climbed route

West Peak Trail

2,387 ft / 728 m gain


  • West Spanish Peak is the higher of the two Spanish Peaks, two large igneous stocks which form an eastern outlier of the Culebra Range, a subrange of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.
  • Though not a fourteener, it is the 12th most topographically prominent peak in Colorado
  • West Spanish Peak is the easternmost 4000 meter mountain peak in the United States.
  • Due to its position well east of the Culebra Range and on the edge of the eastern plains of Colorado, West Spanish Peak enjoys great local vertical relief in almost all directions. It rises over 5,200 ft in less than 4 miles on both its north and south flanks.
  • The standard ascent route for West Spanish Peak starts at Cordova Pass and follows a trail for about 2 miles to treeline. From there there's a rough path on talus and scree up the southwest ridge of the peak for an additional 1.5 miles.
7 summits • 6.9 mi • 2,387 ft gain