7.2 mi to summit

16.3 mi total


8,000 ft start

12,313 ft max


4,973 ft gain


5 hr 52 min to summit

12 hr 42 min total

Took an Independence Day trip from Las Vegas up to Great Basin to knock out a few more LVMC50 peaks. We camped out Thursday night & got an early start on Friday. We took the Baker Lake Trail up to Baker Lake, then headed directly up the steep, boulder-strewn slope to East Baker Peak (the higher of the two). After a short break, we traversed down, then back up to West Baker Peak, which offers better views, but is a little shorter than East Baker. This is where it got interesting. In an effort to avoid doing 2 different hikes up the same trail, we decided to traverse the ridge over to Pyramid Peak as well. I heard rumors of giant boulder fields and horribly loose rock. The rumors weren't wrong. The traverse took a loooooong time and the wind was annoying. We were glad to be done with it, but still had Pyramid to climb, which looked like another damn boulder field. It was, but the footing was better. We spend a few minutes up there, behind the wind break, then made our way down. We took an old grown-over path back to where it intersected the Baker Lake Trail, then hiked back out. Saw some wild turkeys near the trailhead! 12.5 hours, over 17 miles & over 6,000 feet of gain.


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