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670 ft gain


1 hr 14 min total

I began the hike along the dirt road up to Webb Peak at 0845, parking across from the road. There is a small parking lot immediately to the right if you turn onto the road, but it has a sizeable dip, which would not work for a low clearance vehicle or sedan. The hike was easy and essentially fool-proof following the road up. I heard the ash creek trail was hard to follow and overgrown, so I felt the road made for an easy choice. I summitted around 0920 and applied sunscreen at the top since the sun hit the summit hard with the burnt, leafless trees providing no shade. I returned to my vehicle by 0959 and headed out to Clark Peak. I stopped at a large rock called, "Large Rock," based on a very original name. I climbed it without equipment, which was very fun going up, but stressful trying to head down. I had to search for a separate route down from the one I came up. The view was amazing, so I recommend stopping for a quick free climb and photo if you have the strength and climbing experience to do so.
I arrived at the Clark Peak trail parking lot around 1034 and hopped right on the trail without anyone else on the trail. I stopped at an outlook on the left side of the trail about .25 miles in, which was beautiful, and made it to the Clark peak crest trail by 1051. The trail was not well maintained at all, and it was more of a bushwhack and route finding mission than leisurely hike. The summit had limited views but there was an old lookout tower on top, so the ruins were neat to see. I returned to my car by 1130 and checked out Riggs lake to end the trip.

Webb peak was about 3.8 miles, Clark Peak about 2.8 miles, making them very easy hikes relatively speaking. The roads to the hikes were not horrible, but I recommend a vehicle that has solid tires; clearance was not an issue but the rocks were menacing at points especially getting to Clark Peak.

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