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Mt. Waterman Trail

"My 3rd summit of Waterman was way different than the other 2! I started from the exit of Buckhorn Campground up to Peak 7190, and then west along the ridge to meet with the Waterman Trail, and then a short cross-country to Waterman Benchmark (7,911'), back to the trail to hit Waterman Mountain (Twin Benchmark), the HPS summit which is this one I am logging now. Then I went around the U-shaped ridge to hit the true high point, which has an equipment shelter and a solar panel (close to 8,040'-8,050' elev.). Then, I basically hiked down the mountain northeast on any wildcard combo of use path," - brianpowell, Sep 23, 2018
"Waterman Mountain was a moderately easy hike from by the Buckhorn Day Use Area. I hiked up in the morning, and then descended and rose again to visit Twin Peaks East and West afterwards, which were much harder to hike to!!! The hike to Waterman entails about 1,300' gain over 5-5.5 mi round trip. All 3 peaks made it about 12.5 with 3,800'-3,900' gain. Waterman itself is a mellow hike in the pine/fir/incense-cedar forest that is lush and shady. This is my second hike to Waterman (didn't do Twin Peaks East and Twin West the first time though!" - brianpowell, Aug 22, 2017
"Moderate hike up Waterman Trail starting in shady conifer forest and ending at a boulder-studded summit under Jeffrey Pines. Of interesting note, Waterman Mountain's peak survey marker says "Twin" not "Waterman."" - brianpowell, Sep 5, 2015
"Hiked up from Buckhorn, past the Twin Peaks junction to the second junction easterly of Mt. Waterman. At this junction we were surprised to see four adult Bighorn Sheep with 5 juveniles. They literally stampeded effortlessly down the steep slope while keeping on eye on us. You could hear their hooves and see the dust trail they left behind float upward and dissipate. It was the greatest wildlife sighting we have ever had in the San Gabriels. " - thesearcherextraordinaire, Sep 27, 2014
"Found TWO benchmarks: one at the summit of Waterman stamped "TWIN" and one about a quarter mile away on top of Point 7919, which is just a slight bump east of the Waterman summit, which was stamped "WATERMAN". There's no indication of a benchmark on Twin Peaks that I can find on any map, so I'm wondering what happened at the summit of Waterman? Anyway, had a really nice hike. The weather was crisp, there was still a bit of snow on the ground, and the trail was just what I needed. Here's a link to a GPS map of my hike, with waypoints showing both markers: http://www.everytrail.com/view" - jimduvall, Mar 30, 2014



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