9,432 ft / 2,874 m


1,417 ft / 431 m


18 summits

Top climbing months

November   16%

February   16%

May   11%

Most climbed route

Luther pass up the NE ridge

"Wonderful solo hike to the summit. Started at Luther Pass and hiked along the established trail until I got to the North/East slope and started up (no trail). Summited in 1:40 minutes. Just over 2 miles." - mj3920, Jul 24, 2017
"https://www.strava.com/activities/1021570872 Parked on Hwy 89 and started hiking up the trail around 10. Quickly got into patches of snow and just aimed for the path of least resistance. Steep slopes and elevation had us sucking air. Got up to the snow-free summit area a bit after 12. Took pictures and ate lunch a little below the summit out of the wind. Gorgeous sunshine and warm temps the whole day. Snow was just melted enough to make it easy going on the way down, not so soft that we were postholing thankfully. Didn't need snowshoes. I used micro spikes and poles with snow baskets. Helpe" - kaylam87, Jun 4, 2017
"95 degrees in Sacramento so time to get to the mountains and 65 degree temps. Snow was consolidated enough that we didn't need to use snowshoes, though we tied them onto our packs. When leaving the summit another couple on skis and snowshoes arrived. He was in shorts and a T-shirt. From the tree wells, looks like about 6' of snow still toward the top, and 3' or so near the bottom. Clear parking at the Luther Pass sign, and no snow showing on the measuring stick there. Very light winds so I was in a short sleeved shirt the whole way." - TCH, May 20, 2017



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