5,103 ft / 1,555 m


343 ft / 105 m


20 summits

Top climbing months

March   40%

February   30%

June   5%

"This was one of those odd occurrences that seems to only happen to other people. Even then, I don't believe the story. I began the hike by targeting a different peak, but yet I wound up on top of Warren Peak. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with Warren Peak, I was just surprised to be standing on it when I was. I was targeting Peak 4842, which is right behind Black Rock Canyon Campground in Joshua Tree NP. I started out on the West Side Loop and was looking to climb the highest peak in the area, which in my mind had to be Peak 4842 since it was looming nearby. I left the trail and went cross" - Peak-Conquistador, Mar 3, 2018
"Had a little trouble finding the trail from the Blaclrock campground, but once we did it was smooth sailing. Looks like a lot of new trail signs have been put up to prevent confusion. Lots of faint trails that lead nowhere. Look for footprints or signs of travel and that is the right trail." - Zardoz, Jan 17, 2018
"Combined this hike of Warren Peak with the Panorama Loop in the Black Rock Canyon section of Joshua Tree National Park. This section of the park is still free of charge, making for a cheap destination with the maximum benefits of hiking. With the Panorama Loop the totals are 8.25 miles R/T and 1505' of elevation gain." - Peak-Conquistador, May 27, 2017
"Didn't hike up through Black Rock Canyon like most do. I went south down a dirt road in the canyon west of Black Rock. The road ended at a line of metal posts marking the northern boundary line of Joshua Tree Nat'l Park. (Becoming a Nat'l park was the absolute worst thing that happened to Joshua Tree.) I started hiking south on the now abandoned dirt road up the canyon. When I got to the low saddle at the end of the canyon, I turned easterly and climbed straight up 500 ft. or so, past two false peaks to Warren Peak. There are two benchmarks and a nice register. Returned the same way." - thesearcherextraordinaire, Feb 21, 2014



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