1,998 ft / 608 m


1,000 ft / 304 m


142 summits

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  • Highest point in Southern New England Upland
  • 500 feet below the summit is the largest known old growth forest east of the Connecticut River in Massachusetts.
  • An auto road goes close to the summit.
  • A ski center and a reservoir are nearby.
  • An observation tower graces the summit, but views are good even without it.
"The trails today were a 50/50 mix of dry conditions and wet, muddy steps. The climbs up the Old Indian Trail were a steep trek that had me taking several stops on the way to the summit. The Harrington Trail was an equally steep but rockier route down. The views on the summit were fantastic today with endless giant, puffy clouds scattered throughout the deep blue sky. The spring colors were were especially vibrant against this backdrop, especially when the sun would shine through." - HikeLikeMike, May 7, 2017
"Frank and I drove up to handicapped parking area and walked to summit. New tower only went up one story, but Frank enjoyed conversations there while I poked around. A wedding party was having photo session while we were there." - barbaratraver, Sep 5, 2015
"Great hike after a rainy morning/afternoon. I saw 4 bright orange newts along the way - awesome! No real views from the summit due to clouds, but it was still nice to get out. 2.66miles in 1:31min" - KeepCalmClimbOn, Sep 1, 2013
"Quick afternoon trip with my friend Brooke. Got up there around 6:30 PM so we needed to beat the sunset. We were able to check out balance rock toward the beginning of our hike. I wasn't sure how long it would take to get to the summit but we made it up there pretty fast no the less. The trail takes you through many ski trails but you still get to see many different parts of the park. It was beautiful from the top and we were able to see Boston from the summit almost 60 miles away. Be careful going down Brooke fell hard going down the mountain, But she was a trooper got right back up with only" - elbesto, May 17, 2012
"After nearly a month of "repeaks" I finally got out to a trail on a couple of Mountains I'd not been on before. The Pine Hill Trail here was short & steep but a fun trip up to the summit of Wachusett Mountain. Not the best of views today due to fog & the fact that the towers are under construction and not currently available for public use." - VonSelmer, Oct 24, 2011


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