7,560 ft / 2,304 m

#1,524 in California

#12,913 in United States


1 summit

#2,011 in California

#8,722 in United States

Top climbing months

July   100%

Most climbed route

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  • Vincent Gap Peak is an easy hike from the PCT or 3N26/PCT from Vincent Gap Parking Area. It is on the opposite side of Angeles Crest Highway from Mt. Baden-Powell. Lots of trees means a shadier hike in the summer months.
  • There is a short cross-country walk as the PCT rounds high up the west side of the peak. There is no scrambling, but a bit of wading through ceanothus and sagebrush, so watch out for snakes!
  • The summit is wooded, so you have to move around to openings to see views, but the vibe on top is peaceful, and mighty Baden-Powell looks lofty to the south!