5,756 ft / 1,754 m


596 ft / 182 m


22 summits

Top climbing months

February   40%

January   18%

November   13%

Most climbed route

Villager Ridge

"We did Villager/Rabbit as a day hike, beginning at 5:05am and ending at 10:30pm, on an HPS hike led by Peter and Ignacia Doggett. I used over 7 liters of fluids, not including the two Gatorades I chugged before starting and after getting back to the car. Nice full moon at the start: we saw a bighorn (my first) near the beginning, and two scorpions at the end. The unending final descent over the bone crunching, slippery loose rock is grueling" - HikerMark, Feb 15, 2014



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