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"Warm morning, but the hike itself is pretty easy at only 1.4 miles to the top. The volunteer fire spotters at the lookout tower were more than happy to talk about their work and demonstrate the equipment they use." - marc, Jul 28, 2018
"Easy hike to Vetter Mountain. Watch out for the nasty Poodle-Dog bush. They are throughout the area. You can still see traces from the 2009 Station fire. I only saw one person the entire time." - rickb, Feb 5, 2018
"Vetter Mountain is a nice short 4 mile round trip hike up the Vetter Lookout Road. However, I started out traversing the entire Mt. Mooney Road (across the street), summitting Mooney in the meanwhile (2.5 miles one way), then crossing Angeles Crest at Charlton Flats, taking a breather soaking in the sights of huge Ponderosa Pines and Incense-Cedars there, then doing the Vetter Mountain Hike. The hike to Vetter is easy, mostly on asphalt (with the last .7 mi of the ascent on dirt road) to the foundations of the old lookout tower at the summit. The elevation gain during the 2 miles to Vetter" - brianpowell, Apr 1, 2017
"I hiked this peak and Mt. Mooney Mt. out of Chilao campground. I hiked up the road since the trail is still closed. As of 12/2016 the area is still badly damaged from the Station Fire and looks like it will need many more years to recover." - klotito, Dec 3, 2016
"Having been turned away by locked gates from Barley Flats, Vetter, and Bare mountain, I reluctantly walked/jogged up the road to the Vetter summit and destroyed fire lookout. This turned out to be the best views of the days by far. Spectacular views of Mount Waterman and Twin Peaks (much less snow than last weekend!) and Mount Baldy. Didn't get all of the 7 peaks I set out to climb, but I did have another great day in the mountains." - edg, Feb 21, 2016



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