6,221 ft / 1,896 m


1,575 ft / 480 m




22 summits

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July   26%

March   13%

August   13%

Most climbed route

Sunrise Mine Road/Headlee Pass

4,090 ft / 1,247 m gain
"From the boys' WTA report: We are the Mountain Goats, Nathan (14) and Terrence (12), and we spent Father's Day with our dad climbing Vesper Peak. We had been wanting to do this one for awhile and wanted to go before too much snow melted. The South Fork of The Stillaguamish is raging! Thanks to a couple of slippery logs put across it's not too bad, but definitely a bit of a challenge getting over. The open area & switchbacks afterwards were already toasty hot at 8:30 in the morning and we were happy to get back into the trees right before Wirtz Basin. Fortunately, there is still a good " - BryHong8, Jun 17, 2018
"The climb up Vesper Peak today demonstrated several of the potential challenges for late winter/early spring hiking. Swollen rivers, icy conditions, snow falling, low visibility and losing the trail. The mud starting out on the Sunrise trail reminded us of spring. The Stillaguamish was running faster and deeper than it was in January, the last time we came up. The only two people we saw today were up river trying to find an easier crossing, but they didn't. We stuck to the trail, and dropped several large rocks in to make the crossing a little less wet. Thanks to the people behind us who dropp" - BryHong8, Mar 22, 2015
"A classic early March climb that ended with calling in a helicopter... We arrived at the trailhead around 8am and there was 1 car in the parking lot. Impressive start for that guy, we thought. Brought my poles just in case for the South Fork Stillaguamish River crossing... they were totally unneeded -- so little water. After stashing poles behind a tree on the other side, we started the climb to Headlee Pass. Hit patches of ice and snow on the trail before a 100% snow climb up the broad gully to the pass. Very firm snow in the lower gully; crampons & ice ax required (or incredibly nice to " - scott, Mar 10, 2015
"I finally got a chance to write up a report of my recent return to the Mountain Loop Highway. Vesper Peak was an ideal location for a last minute weekday hike. The trail was nearly snow free up to about 100 feet below Headlee Pass, and for most of the traverse over to Lake Elan. Vesper had 2-3 feet of snow above the lake and a well beaten path broken in by at least 5 pairs of snowshoes since Friday. I reached the summit at 10 am without snowshoes, and experienced only minor post-holing, mostly on the way down. Sperry peak appeared to have just a light dusting, most of which was caught by small" - Jeb, Oct 5, 2013
"Didn't mind the rocky trail going up, but hated every bit of it when descending. :] Easy to lose the trail when you head up, but I had no issue at all coming down. Crossed one big snow field for the final push to the summit, but no snow on the actual summit. Gorgeous views (summit block is not good for sitting!) Only wish I had brought my ice axe for descending. It would've been an epic glissade for 1000 vertical feet! " - aimk13, Aug 25, 2012



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