13,380 ft / 4,078 m


334 ft / 102 m


11 summits

Top climbing months

September  25%

June   16%

July   16%

Most climbed route

Green Lake Trail/Coyote Plateau

"Late summer of 2017 I got shut down by snow at 12k. I couldn’t wait to go back and finish it. This time around it was free and clear of snow and upon arriving at the plateau I went directly up and hop scotched on solid rock right up and easily avoided the loose stuff. This peak offers complete solitude. Nice weather too! Winner " - ThemountainsarecallingImustgo, Jul 6, 2018
"Hiked up from South Lake past green lake and then up from the Coyote Plateau. We were going to summit Cloudripper as well but the clouds it was ripping were thunderheads so we decided to get out of there before we saw why Thunder and Lightning Lake is called that. Awesome views of the Palisades and all down into Bishop Lake, Mount Goode, etc." - tomsenreed, Jul 11, 2015


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